CfP: Book on Online Virality

The book Online Virality, edited by Valérie Schafer and Fred Pailler within the frame of the HIVI Project (, aims to focus on the many ways we may think about online virality, historicise it and analyse the circulation, reception, evolution of viral born-digital content. Virality, information circulation and content sharing always intertwine a heterogeneous arrangement of material, … Continued

A bibliography on trolling

An interesting bibliography on trolls is available on Antonio Casilli’s blog. As suggested by Antonio Casilli: “This is part of my ongoing research in the field of troll studies. Follow the hashtag #trollstudies on Twitter, or click here for a selection of my videos, articles, and interviews about trolling (French and English)”.

Phreaks, hackers and trolls

Gabriella Coleman, “Phreaks, Hackers, and Trolls: The Politics of Transgression and Spectacle“, in Michael Mandiberg (ed.). The Social Media Reader, New York, New York University Press, 2012. Also read the HACKER entry in The Johns Hopkins Encyclopedia of Digital Textuality, 2014 by E. Gabriella Coleman And last but not least : Gabriela Coleman, Hacker, Hoaxer, Whistleblower, … Continued

Trolls and representations

Jonathan Bishop, “Representations of ‘trolls’ in mass media communication: A review of media-texts and moral panics relating to ‘internet trolling’“, International Journal of Web Based Communities, 2014, 10 (1), pp. 7‑24. Abstract: There is a general trend amongst mass media organisations around the world towards concentration of the visual, written and audio packaging and of newspapers, … Continued


Karla Mantilla, Gendertrolling: how misogyny went viral, Praeger, 2015. Table of content : Introduction Characteristics of gendertrolling Responses to gendertrolling campaigns Fighting back Gendertrolling : it’s not about the Internet The power of naming Cultural defense mechanisms as backlash Gendertrolling : cultural defense mechanisms at work Recommendations for change

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