A timeline on viral cats

Cats are undoubtedly one of the most popular animals online. According to a CNN 2019 review, we now have access to over 6.5 billion pieces of cat media content. The interest in cats is not new to us. We may think of Ancient Egypt’s deep respect and veneration for the animal or even the Victorian … Continued

Conference Virality, platforms and influence

30 March 2023 to 31 March 2023 Black Box, Maison des Sciences humaines11, Porte des SciencesL-4366 Esch-sur-Alzette Entrée libre Within the framework of the HIVI project, related to the history of online virality and supported by the Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR)  (C20/SC/14758148), this conference, organised by Fred Pailler and Valérie Schafer (C²DH, University of Luxembourg), will analyse the role that platforms and … Continued

Roundtable “Influencers in Luxembourg: Digital practices and cultures”

“Authenticity.” If one keyword should summarize the roundtable «Les Influenceurs. Une plongée dans les pratiques et cultures numériques» taking place on 13 October at the University of Luxembourg, “authenticity” would be it.  The event gathered some of the more renowned influencers in Luxembourg: the model and family lifestyle influencer Natascha Bintz, the make-up artist Luca de … Continued

Journée d’étude: NO(U)S MÈMES

Cette journée d’étude, organisée avec le soutien de l’EUR ArTeC, aborde les mèmes en tant que nouvelles formes d’écriture du « soi » et du « nous ». Nous faisons l’hypothèse que les mèmes sont à la fois un outil d’expression intime et un moyen de renouvellement de l’ « horizon de sens » collectif. En tant … Continued

CfP: Book on Online Virality

The book Online Virality, edited by Valérie Schafer and Fred Pailler within the frame of the HIVI Project (https://hivi.uni.lu), aims to focus on the many ways we may think about online virality, historicise it and analyse the circulation, reception, evolution of viral born-digital content. Virality, information circulation and content sharing always intertwine a heterogeneous arrangement of material, … Continued

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