The 4th RESAW Conference dive deep into Mainstream vs. Marginal Content in Web History and Web Archives

The Luxembourg Center for Contemporary and Digital History (C²DH) at the University of Luxembourg organised the 4th RESAW Conference online. With the support of the FNR (Luxembourg National Research Fund; RESCOM/2020/15002969) the conference took place on June 17-18 , 2021. The main topic was related to “Mainstream vs. Marginal Content in Web History and Web Archives”. The Conference … Continued

Role and evolution of social media

Rhiannon Bury, Ruth Deller, Adam Greenwood, Bethan Jones, “From Usenet to Tumblr: The changing role of social media”, Participations. Journal of Audience & Reception Studies, vol. 10/1, 2013. Abstract: The advent of social networking sites has made communication faster and easier than ever, and perhaps nowhere is this more evident than in fan communities. Bury … Continued


Anne Helmond, “A Historiography of the Hyperlink: Periodizing the Web Through the Changing Role of the Hyperlink“, in Niels Brügger and Ian Milligan (eds), ​The SAGE Handbook of Web History​, London, SAGE Publications, 2018, pp. 227–241. “In this chapter I provide a historiography of one of the core elements of the web, the hypertext link. I … Continued

Web Archiving

Francesca Musiani, Camille Paloque-Berges, Valérie Schafer, Benjamin G. Thierry, Qu’est-ce qu’une archive du Web ?, Marseille, OpenEdition, 2019. Available at: Abstract: Bien que le Web ait seulement trente ans, son patrimoine est déjà pléthorique : la fondation Internet Archive a collecté plus de 345 milliards de pages web depuis 1996. Cette fondation, qui fut l’un des pionniers de … Continued

Profiles and pseudonymity

Emily van der Nagel, “From usernames to profiles: the development of pseudonymity in Internet communication”, Internet Histories, 2017, 1:4, pp. 312-331, DOI: 10.1080/24701475.2017.1389548 Abstract: This article traces the development of Internet communication by examining online names and pseudonyms. I argue that choosing a username, as the first interaction a person has with a platform, sets the tone for how communication … Continued

Geocities and Myspace’s decline

Gustavo Gomez-Mejia, “La fabrique de la désuétude. Regards diachroniques sur Geocities et Myspace”, in Valérie Schafer (ed.)  Temps et temporalités du Web [en ligne]. Nanterre : Presses universitaires de Paris Nanterre, 2018. Available at Abstract: Cette étude revient sur le déclin progressif de sites jadis emblématiques comme Geocities et Myspace dont les intrigues sont mises en parallèle. A partir d’une … Continued

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© Université du Luxembourg 2021. All rights reserved

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