Anne Helmond, “A Historiography of the Hyperlink: Periodizing the Web Through the Changing Role of the Hyperlink“, in Niels Brügger and Ian Milligan (eds), ​The SAGE Handbook of Web History​, London, SAGE Publications, 2018, pp. 227–241. “In this chapter I provide a historiography of one of the core elements of the web, the hypertext link. I … Continued

Platform studies and historiography

Anne Helmond and Fernando N. van der Vlist, “Social Media and Platform Historiography: Challenges and Opportunities”, TMG Journal for Media History, 2019,  22 (1): 6–34. DOI: http://doi.org/10.18146/tmg.434 Abstract: In this article, we propose a methodological outlook for historical platform studies to increase the prominence of platform historiography in the field and practice of web history and archiving. … Continued

Facebook’s evolution

Anne Helmond, David B. Nieborg and Fernando N. van der Vlist, “Facebook’s evolution: development of a platform-as-infrastructure”, Internet Histories, 2019, 3:2, pp. 123-146, DOI: 10.1080/24701475.2019.1593667 Abstract: The purpose of this article is to operationalise an evolutionary perspective on the history of social media and to trace Facebook’s evolution from a social networking site to a “platform-as-infrastructure”. Social media platforms such as … Continued

Instagram’s evolution

Søren Vigild Poulsen, “Becoming a semiotic technology – a historical study of Instagram’s tools for making and sharing photos and videos”, Internet Histories, 2018, 2: 1-2, pp. 121-139, DOI: 10.1080/24701475.2018.1459350 Abstract: (…) Drawing on a social semiotic multimodal framework, this article presents an analysis of selected tools in the Instagram mobile user interface from 2010 until 2017. It reports on the findings of … Continued

Communities in Geocities

Ian Milligan, “Finding Community in the Ruins of GeoCities: Distantly Reading a Web Archive”, Bulletin of IEEE Technical Committee on Digital Libraries, Vol. 11, 2, October 2015.  Abstract: This paper provides a brief overview of my work with the GeoCities web archive. Asking the question of “can we find community,” I use it as a … Continued

Geocities and Myspace’s decline

Gustavo Gomez-Mejia, “La fabrique de la désuétude. Regards diachroniques sur Geocities et Myspace”, in Valérie Schafer (ed.)  Temps et temporalités du Web [en ligne]. Nanterre : Presses universitaires de Paris Nanterre, 2018. Available at http://books.openedition.org/pupo/6088 Abstract: Cette étude revient sur le déclin progressif de sites jadis emblématiques comme Geocities et Myspace dont les intrigues sont mises en parallèle. A partir d’une … Continued

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