CfP: Book on Online Virality

The book Online Virality, edited by Valérie Schafer and Fred Pailler within the frame of the HIVI Project (, aims to focus on the many ways we may think about online virality, historicise it and analyse the circulation, reception, evolution of viral born-digital content. Virality, information circulation and content sharing always intertwine a heterogeneous arrangement of material, … Continued


Anne Helmond, “A Historiography of the Hyperlink: Periodizing the Web Through the Changing Role of the Hyperlink“, in Niels Brügger and Ian Milligan (eds), ​The SAGE Handbook of Web History​, London, SAGE Publications, 2018, pp. 227–241. “In this chapter I provide a historiography of one of the core elements of the web, the hypertext link. I … Continued

Platform studies and historiography

Anne Helmond and Fernando N. van der Vlist, “Social Media and Platform Historiography: Challenges and Opportunities”, TMG Journal for Media History, 2019,  22 (1): 6–34. DOI: Abstract: In this article, we propose a methodological outlook for historical platform studies to increase the prominence of platform historiography in the field and practice of web history and archiving. … Continued

Facebook’s evolution

Anne Helmond, David B. Nieborg and Fernando N. van der Vlist, “Facebook’s evolution: development of a platform-as-infrastructure”, Internet Histories, 2019, 3:2, pp. 123-146, DOI: 10.1080/24701475.2019.1593667 Abstract: The purpose of this article is to operationalise an evolutionary perspective on the history of social media and to trace Facebook’s evolution from a social networking site to a “platform-as-infrastructure”. Social media platforms such as … Continued

Instagram’s evolution

Søren Vigild Poulsen, “Becoming a semiotic technology – a historical study of Instagram’s tools for making and sharing photos and videos”, Internet Histories, 2018, 2: 1-2, pp. 121-139, DOI: 10.1080/24701475.2018.1459350 Abstract: (…) Drawing on a social semiotic multimodal framework, this article presents an analysis of selected tools in the Instagram mobile user interface from 2010 until 2017. It reports on the findings of … Continued

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